Curators: Aleksey Shevchuk (Yekaterinburg), Max Sudhues (Berlin)

A fast-changing postindustrial city is an increasingly complex space in which the problem of the tolerance to the other becomes one of the main conditions of the system’s successful functioning. How can advanced technology from around the world, European architecture, Asian workforce and the Ural mentality exist together so that the city does not stagnate but develop successfully, appropriating creatively what used to be alien to it? The project will involve both local artists for whom the city is an understandable entity and artists from Berlin for whom Yekaterinburg is, necessarily, alien.

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13.09 – 22.09.2012

69\10 Lenina Street, 3 floor (gallery)
Phone: +7(343) 350–67–75

Work Time:
We., – Sa., 10.00 – 18.00
Mo., Tu. – day off.

Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Photography “Metenkov House”

Museum of the Ural Literary Life of the XXth Century

Sverdlovsk Regional Belinsky Library

Department of Art History and Cultural Studies, Ural Federal University

“POLE” Gallery

Yekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art

Museum of Labels

Ekaterinburg Museum Centre of Folk Art “Gamayun”

Shopping centre “Europe”

Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg

Verkhotursky State Historical and Architectural Museum