"City Walks" is a series of interactive walking tours dedicated to industrial (and other) stories of Yekaterinburg. The project offers a guided tour "In the heart of the mountain kingdom", introducing the history of the city, cutting and polishing factory and mint. The second part of the project is devoted to the life of the Soviet Sverdlovsk and tells about the prosperity of the Urals capital on the background of the rapid development of the industry. The third tour "Our Uralmash" will be held in the Museum of History of Yekaterinburg in the format of virtual travel and will introduce participants to the history of the construction of the industrial neighborhood.

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01.09 – 22.10.2012

every saturday at 13.00

26, Karl Liebknecht Street
+7 (343) 371 38 14

Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

Sverdlovsk Region Museum of Local History

Museum of Photography “Metenkov House”

Museum of the Ural Literary Life of the XXth Century

Sverdlovsk Regional Belinsky Library

Department of Art History and Cultural Studies, Ural Federal University

“POLE” Gallery

Yekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art

Museum of Labels

Ekaterinburg Museum Centre of Folk Art “Gamayun”

Shopping centre “Europe”

Verkhotursky State Historical and Architectural Museum