Curator: Olga Aksenova

In 2012 the Verkhoturye Skates Factory could celebrate 65 years anniversary. It`s history started with the Order of the Council of Ministers ? 3442 from 02.04.1947. Equipment for the plant was imported from Germany from the dismantled factory that produce cartridges for military weapons. The factory was transferred to a former distillery. Dvinyaninov A. was the first director of the plant. In  November 4, 1948 by order of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Local Industry of the RSFSR and Sverdloblispolkoma the first batch of skates was released. This date is generally accepted as a birthday of the plant. First skates were produced with mill sole, covered with enamel paint. Later factory adjusted the release of skates with nickel coating. First skates were without shoes. By 1953 the factory cope with the State Plan for 93%. In 1965, after signing a contract with the Sverdlovsk factory "Sportobuv"  production skates riveted to the shoes began. On July 1, 1969 Verkhotursky Skates Factory transformed into a Verkhotursky Experimental Skates Factory. In 1979, the section "Special Order" mastered the production of sets of cutters for wood - graver. In 1991 the plant started to learn Building hardware: corners, hinges, latches and other products.

In 1993, the issue of skate stopped. December 30, 1994 according to the contract ? 37 the plant was bought by a limited liability partnership "Verkhotursky plant of metal." Currently, the company is eliminated. Lots of interesting exhibits about the life of the plant where given to Verkhotursk Museum.

Among the exhibits: photographs and the products  of the plant produced in different years.

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2.10. ? 22.10.2012

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