Curator: Marina Dashevskaya (Yekaterinburg)

The core of the project is the collection of etchings dedicated to the Ural Chemical Machine-Building Plant created by Valentin Novichenko in the 1980s. Valentin Novichenko (1927-2010) was a well-known Ural graphic artist. In 1953-1960 he worked as a graphic designer at the Ural Chemical Machine-Building Plant. Novichenko is a child of his epoch, his creative work is a most important illustration and human document of the epoch of late Socialism when people believed that they do the right thing and their life, filled with everyday work at the plant, is worthy of becoming the subject for art, captured in a painting or a film. These etchings constitute the memory of a vanishing civilization which name gives rise to so many controversies: Soviet? Industrial? Fordist?

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13.09 ? 22.10.2012

25, Lenina Street
+7 (343) 251 78 96,

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Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

Sverdlovsk Region Museum of Local History

Museum of Photography “Metenkov House”

Museum of the Ural Literary Life of the XXth Century

Sverdlovsk Regional Belinsky Library

Department of Art History and Cultural Studies, Ural Federal University

“POLE” Gallery

Yekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art

Museum of Labels

Ekaterinburg Museum Centre of Folk Art “Gamayun”

Shopping centre “Europe”

Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg

Verkhotursky State Historical and Architectural Museum